I'm returning after more than a year of being away.  I ran a blog about my life as a graduate student in a Masters program, my experiences working in the Provost's office of a University, and other such things.  After graduating with my M.S.,  I accepted an offer to come to a new Ph.D. program and promptly let everything expire without updating it.  Little did I know that the service I had been using was going under, and had disabled my site.  I luckily managed to contact the hosts and retrieve my two years worth of archives.  I've been resisting blogging again for several reasons, mostly due to a lack of time.  But, the itch to write and express grew to deafening proportions, so here I am.  Some day when I'm not on a graduate student's salary, I will switch to my own domain and all the freedom that entails.  But for now, I'm a graduate student with a damn good sense of humor.  You have to have one in order to make it through graduate school.