I've made an appointment at the vet this morning for Cosette.  She's been urinating very frequently while we're outside on trails, and the other day she urinated right beside me in my office.  It scared her when she did it, too; she went to sit down and the urine came out.  She flung around, scared out of her mind.  I lightly said, "No," and took her outside, knowing that something was wrong.  She's been house-broken for a year and a half, so any sudden changes in bathroom behavior is most likely a health issue.  Then, last night, I let her out before I went to bed, and she urinated three separate times in the yard.  She then came inside, acted sheepish, and urinated a little bit on her bed.  Poor baby.  I'm guessing she has some sort of urinary tract infection or a bladder infection.  I know what it feels like to pee fire and to constantly feel like you have to go - UTIs are awful. 
Cosette had one right after her spay surgery, and these symptoms are fairly familiar.  Off to go get a urine sample from her, and take her to the vet...



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