Hello my lovelies!

Life is hectic right now.

But you still love me.
During the month of January 2010 (um, does everyone else keep typing 2009 automatically, or is just me?), I felt like someone kept grabbing me by the shoulders and saying, "Now turn here!  Look there!  No, over here!" and flinging me around - quite violently I might add - until I was dizzy and disoriented.

Hello, February.  The month of no travel for me.  Don't get me wrong.  I love to travel.  But holy crap, 120 hrs on planes just about filled my travel quota up.  Qatar.  Jordan.  USA.  Singapore.  USA.  Las Vegas, USA.  Back home. 

BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I didn't know how many more magazines I could read to entertain myself.

Well, where should I start?  I'll do a bullet list.  That seems easier.

1 - weight loss.  Started in Singapore and have been watching my caloric intake since.  Have dropped 20lbs in three weeks.  First exercise started today.  Sick and tired of being overweight just because I'm in graduate school.  My goal is to get down to my college weight by the time I graduate (August).  Wish me luck.

2 - LADY GAGA was the bomb.  Except, we had the unfortunate pain of sitting behind three girls that were not there to watch the show, only to act like it was a dance at a frat party.  They were exactly the kind of people that would have hated me in high school (hey, the feeling would have been mutual), and I'm not sure they could have been more obnoxious or their dresses any shorter. 

3 - Who knew you could still get dehydrated and a minor case of sunstroke when it is winter in Jordan?  Well, now I know. 

4 - Singapore quite easily fits the bill on a place I would not mind living.  Will know more later.

5 - Las Vegas was exciting at first and then became boring quickly.  Also, I lost 2lbs while I was there through sheer force of will at not STUFFING MY F'ING FACE at every buffet.  Saw as many Cirque shows as we could.  I even got to yell during the opeing of Cirque du Soleil's "O" by the invitation of the clown.

6 - The Amazing Johnathan (saw him in Vegas) is pretty f'ing fantastic.  He even threatened to shoot a rubberband in my eye. 

7 - Dissertation prospectus is nearing the finish line.  Meeting with the advisor on Wednesday to discuss what else needs to be done.

8 - Cosette is fine.  Trooper's tail has had an open wound (super tiny) on it for 2 weeks now.  The problem is, he wacks his tail so hard against the walls that it is breaking the skin repeatedly and bleeding.  A LOT.  You should see my walls.  Vet appt. today.

9 - Weight loss comes hand-in-hand with being cold again.  When you are fat, there is a lot of insulation against the cold.  Now I am starting to become cold easier.  Pain in the ass or proud of myself?  You decide.