I received an e-mail from Cosette and Trooper's breeder the other day.  She stated that they had decided to keep Trooper's brother (named Cooper).  He's black and he was the biggest of the bunch when they were little.  In fact, she didn't think the mother would be able to push Cooper out he was so big.  They were about to load into the car to go to the vet's when all of a sudden the mother felt another contraction and started pushing outside the whelping box.  Managed to get the big puppy out.  Anyway, she said Cooper is 44 lbs.  I just weighed Trooper this morning, and he's 37.2 lbs.  I measured him against my chart, and when I say my chart I mean an unpainted wall that I measured Cosette against, and he's already 3/4 of an inch taller than Cosette was at 4 months.  Trooper's paws are larger than Cosette's are now.

I think he's going to be a large dog.


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