Big Easy - Labradoris
I'm currently working hard in the Big Easy - holed up in my hotel room with the occasional break for a networking session or a walk down and around Bourbon street - but I'll try and satisfy any Lab appetite you have with a few older pictures of Cosette that I have tucked away on my laptop:
Such a soft, kissable head.
She used to chew on her leash during walks - so glad to be rid of that habit!
A bonafide water dog at 10 weeks old. :)
6/27/2010 14:33:03

I can imagine that puppy breath smell, slightly skunky but it pulls you in closer to scoop pup up in your arms -and then BINGO! wonderous first real eye contact.
I have not had a pup since May 3rd (yes i cound the days) and we have decided to put off another foster dog until the fall (?) I ache for the sharp teeth, the joy at him peeing outside,the sit and stay at 6 weeks at the food bowl & back legs flopping out as he turns a corner and hits the cat dead centre!
Thanks for the pics.


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