Black and Brown - Labradoris

I've been really happy with the way Cosette and Trooper are getting along.  Cosette is making it so much easier to raise a puppy.  Though she can't explain to him why he shouldn't jump off tall buildings, or drink from containers with the word poison on them, she can play with him in a way that teaches him how not to bite hard with his puppy teeth.  She also curls up next to him at night to give him comfort when he's asleep.  She can lead him the right way, out into the chilling, pouring rain to show him where he should relieve himself.  She can also lead by example of not jumping on furniture or counters - not that he's anywhere tall enough to do that, what with his height being right around my knee right now - but she is showing him how to be nice and sit and wait for food.  She also spends an inordinate amount of time playing with him, tolerating his ear biting, and his neck chewing, and how he steals her toys from her and chews on them himself.  She plays tug-of-war at his level, and allows him to climb on her, attack her with his ferocious puppy bark.  She's shown incredible patience to this little bundle of warm, soft, cuddly adorableness, and although I think he just views her as alpha female dog for now, I suspect that in the months and years to come they will be evolve into best buds, into a swirling, energetic mess of black and brown.

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