By This Age, You'll Want to Take Naps. Trust Me. - Labradoris

Little Guy has been dealing with a traumatic event every day at daycare this summer:  naptime.  He detests naptime, and apparently hasn't taken naps since he was a year old.  So, when the teachers turn out all the lights and have the kids lay down, he is active and ready to go on with his day.  He has trouble being still and quiet, and he actively wants to play.  Hence, naptime is not a good time for him because the teachers get onto him about keeping the other kids up.   This is what makes the following a very funny conversation:

LG:  "What are you looking at?"
Joel:  "I'm looking at your college savings statement.  We're putting away money for you so that you can go to college someday and learn a lot of things."
LG:  "What's college?"
Joel:  "That's where you go after you are done with regular school so you can become knowledgeable, rich and successful."
LG:  "That sounds good, but are there naps in college?"
Joel:  "No, there's no naps in college."
LG:  "Oh.  That's good.  Okay, I'll go."

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