On our last full day in Toronto, we decided to venture to Centre Island for a day of fun. 

We arrived around 10 a.m. to the ferry and climbed up to the top portion so we could feel the wind in our face.  We stood at the front of the ferry, taking in the water and the island that was drawing closer.  The clouds were ominous, darkening with every passing moment, but we continued on.  Once docked, we walked quickly to Centreville Amusement Park, which is a small ride-heavy park with an adorable "Coney Island" feel to it.  Almost all the rides were appropriate for children, and Little Guy rode all but four:  the ferris wheel (too high),  the bumper cars (not tall enough), the water bumper boats (not tall enough), and the log flume (but he watched me ride).  LG was very brave, as he normally - how do I put this delicately - spazzes out at the mere mention of some of the rides.  To our surprise, he hopped onto several of the more thrilling rides, such as a cute child's coaster and an indoor "Scrambler" where the cars move back and forth and fling you from one wall to the next.  He was brave, but determined that those rides were definitely not for him.  We rode with him on the carousel, the spinning teacups, the spinning monkey barrels (ugg, Joel and I don't do well on spinning rides), the haunted house, and several other rides.  There were several LG-sized car rides that he did as well.  As we were taking a ride on the Jalopies, the clouds decided to let loose and pour.  Pour!  We stood for a moment under the awning, deciding what to do next.  I noticed an ice cream parlor across the way, so we quickly ran into the parlor and ordered some delicious ice cream.  I hadn't eaten ice cream for what felt like months (which may not be inaccurate) so I savored every lick of my chocolate chip cookie dough cone.  After riding the Jalopies a few more times, the rain had somewhat died off and we moved on to the next few rides.  After about fifteen minutes, the rain had broken and the sun was shining through the clouds.  We finished up all the rides, and stopped for lunch at a restaurant inside the amusement park.

Then, we walked down to the other side of the island and rented a quadricycle:  a three-seated, four-wheeled bike!  It had a little canvas top over it, so we were shielded from the sun for the most part.  We rode the bike for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and then turned it back in and walked around some more and visited the beach.

The bike, though, was by far my favorite part of the experience because it was just so cute and classic.  I'll share a video of us riding it.  Little Guy is most helpfully talking...the entire time...and "helping" us ride the bike.  For whatever reason he is making baby cooing noises at the beginning of the video.  I didn't notice it until I was home and watched the video and realized...dude...you sound like a baby!

I love our little family.  :)
Here's me rockin' the log flume (by myself - LG was too chicken to go):
Joel hanging out on the beach...