Perhaps it's my cold triggered by some rapid weather changes and being around mounds of sick peoples at cluttered amusement parks, perhaps it's the whirlwind of weeks past that has my head spinning, perhaps it is the confusing foray into a confusing world of part-time employment and part-time contracts, perhaps it is a feeling of being happy with our rental house but me feeling completely unsettled and disorganized, perhaps it was the totality of the year 2010 - in all of the glorified messiness and rapture, the photographs and the learning, the complete craziness of schedules and flip to boredom and open expanses of time.  Whatever it was, it was messy.  It was beautiful, but it was messy.

I am in need of clarity.  Clarity in my thoughts, my actions, my words.  Clarity in my perception.  I'm not a huge fan of resolutions, as I don't ever feel like I hit my stride again until mid-January and by then I've forgotten about the resolution itself.  But a word of intention:  that's something I can deal with.

So, my word of intention for 2011:  clarity.

Clarity of goals, clarity of thought, clarity of expression.

I'll be back in this space soon, with some updates. 

For now, I have to let some clarity in, despite having a massive headcold propelled by fairly ineffective cold remedies.  I think it is time I return back to my old-fashioned yogic traditions.  Once upon a time, that's what worked and to say I've traveled away from that lifestyle would be an understatement. 

Back soon.
1/12/2011 06:59:19 pm

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