I have a string of several posts I'm preparing from what I did this weekend, but in the interim I thought I'd share a little love from the Labradors:

This is Trooper's usual method of attack.  He'll nab on to Cosette's neck and tug her around.  He's never biting hard enough to hurt her, and she'll correct him if he gets too rough, but this routine of theirs is neverending.  They'll stop for breaks to chew on toys or chase each other around the house, but sometimes I look at Cosette and can't help but think she looks like a wornout mother with a newborn and a set of two-year-old twins running around.  She looks beat, but happy.  Sometimes Trooper gets to be a little too much too often for her, and she'll go to the big wire crate we have in the office, paw open the door, climb inside, and then pull the crate door shut with her teeth.  Now that's when I can tell she's done:  when she puts herself in a timeout. 

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