The other day I was short on time - or maybe motivation, I don't remember - and I decided to walk both the dogs at one time.  What I do remember thinking, as I fastened their pinch collars, gathered their leashes, and stuffed baggies into my pockets, is this may not go well.

I mean, they are two Labs.  They have been in the house all day.  They have not run off their energy in any way, shape, or form.  In fact, as we walk out the door, I stop thinking this may not go well and it turns into a well, this was probably a really bad idea

Once we got over the initial confusion of who is supposed to be where, the dogs double-walked beautifully, side-by-side in a perfect heel.  They didn't climb on each other, play bite or snarl, or spin wildly in circles (these things happen).  They walked happily next to one another, Trooper bouncing along his merrily way, Cosette walking more steadily. 

I was so impressed by them that I almost walked further with them, but then I was halted by the lack of motivation (or was it time?) and just took them on our regular shorter route; however, it has given me confidence to try it again sometime soon, without the dreadful preamble, like a pesky gnat buzzing in my ear.  This time it will be, this will go well.

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