You know what I did this morning?  I took some blogs off my blog roll because I was tired of reading the whining.  Some blogs dip into whining, and that's fine, I do it too.  But there are some blogs that are just. so. whiny.!  I have enough people in my life (work) who whine, why would I want to voluntarily read that crap?!  No thanks.  And now, I am no longer bothered.  Also, sidenote:  I'm not one of those fervent readers who bothers to send a nasty note to the blog owner.  I just stop reading.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, yesterday Trooper did something really cute.  I had a pile of laundry-esque stuff that was sitting in a corner of my office (a blanket, a discarded bed pillow, and a large sweater - some needed to be laundered, some needed to be thrown away), and Trooper wandered in with all his Troopiness, bone in his mouth, took a look around, and walked over to the pile.  Well, it was more of a couple of bounces, but you know.  So he plants himself right on top of everything that shouldn't have been on the floor anyway, and decides that, well, it's unattended, so therefore it must be his so he might as well just....slide....right....on....down.  He lays there nonchalantly, chewing on his bone, a look of distant satisfaction in his eyes.

And suddenly, I wanted to be him, but instead of being him, I am resolving today to ease up wherever I'm at.  In a rush?  Ease up.  Organizing papers?  Ease up.  Need to take a break from work?  Ease up and write a blog entry.  Make whatever I'm doing a more comfortable feeling. 

Now, off to write a statistical methods section...ahhhh.  :)

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