Happy St. Patrick's day to ya! 

Puppy pickup occurs in just a few days!  We're so excited.

Things at work are a little crazy right now.  I have a client that needs about 5,000 color copies of some forms, and everything has to paperclipped, pre-packaged, and shipped just so.  It's been crazy trying to organize between my own classes, other work, other deadlines, etc.  One thing about being a graduate student, at least in my own experience, is that no day is alike.  It's a neat experience.

Some go a little wack-o as a result, but for the most part, graduate students are a well-balanced group.  OR ARE WE?!  

Tonight Joel is making Irish stew, lamb, potatoes, and all the fixins to have a great Irish meal.  Off to go entertain people... 

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