I have a no-pets-on-the-furniture policy in my domain, including on the bed.  If pets are on the furniture, it is by invite only and they are only sporadically invited.  Mainly it is because I don't like the pet hair, and I also acknowledge the fact I have a high-energy breed.  If she gets excited, she could easily jump off the couch quickly and tear a hole in my furniture.  No thanks. 

It's cute how well she knows the rules, too; whenever we have a pet friend visit for an evening or a few days, she'll constantly follow them around and nudge them off if they are leaping on furniture.  She's the furniture police!

But when we are traveling, I invite Cosette up on the bed all the time in hotels...and she is spoiled ROTTEN when she does it.  She flips on her back and curls around in the covers like she is the Princess of the Hotel.  Such a goober.  Probably because she's mocking her owner.

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