In Case You Need an Instruction Manual: America, 101 - Labradoris

Overheard walking across campus this morning, behind a group of incoming freshman Japanese students and a very blonde (read: not Japanese) campus representative:

Rep:  "Have you heard the new rap song from the artists who did the Soulja Boy song?"
Student:  "The one where he call himself a nee-ga?"
Rep:  "Well, uh, we have a large African American population on this campus, so the proper term is African American."
Student:  "Oh, so you have gangsta  here?"
Rep:  "Well...uhh...yeah, I guess you could say we have some gangstas here."
Student:  "Neega!  Neega!  Nee-ga gangsta."
Rep:  "No, I'm serious.  We don't say that in America.  It's wrong.  Luckily this is a pretty tolerant campus, but in some cities, you'd get shot."

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