So, I'm at the movie theatre, and I wanted to reduce the level in my bladder to a manageable amount before I loaded more Cherry Icee into it during the movie.  I walked into the stark white and cream bathroom, with black and white floor tiles, mind you, and assumed I was the only one in there.  I shut the stall door, and sat down to do my business, when I heard a few stalls down in a high-pitched voice,  "Like, oh my god, like, everything OUTSIDE of my jacket is cold, and like, everything INSIDE my jacket is warm!"  I swear, I stopped mid-stream by the time the mystery voice finished talking, and waited to hear what was going to be said next, and, BOOM, "Oh yeah, I know, like right? Me too!"  I heard these two women laugh stupidly and flush and walk up to the sink counter.  I hurriedly finished, wanting to see who in the hell just made such an inane observation.  I quickly gathered my purse and exited the stall, sidling up to the counter to wash my hands.  I did the whole 'I'm studying you in the mirror but I'm really acting like I'm washing my hands, don't mind my dropped chin but uplifted eyes' routine, and saw 2 very severe blondes running their hands through their hair and wiping away imaginary make-up smudges.  I'm all, dude, this is a small town.  I didn't know we had Playboy Bunnies here.  They continued to giggle in Barbie Binary -- you know, the kind of high-pitched talking that occurs between girly girls, and if you listen, you can't really distinguish what they are saying, but you know that vast amounts of information is being exchanged  (thanks to Joel's term and definition)-- and I wanted to tell them, "Why don't you just go ahead and get undressed there, and here's some pillows for your fight out in the lobby." 

"Everything outside of my jacket is cold, and everything inside my jacket is warm!"  YOU THINK?

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