JUMP! - Labradoris



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Let me preempt any concern or discussion about this video I've posted.  Trooper does this naturally.  No matter what he is chasing or what he is after, this kid jumps like there is no tomorrow.  I simply made a compilation of his jumps.  He will do this even if I throw the ball long distances, as he will bounce all the way there, mis-judge the distance, flip over himself, flop on the ground, and then bounce all the way back.  I recognize that it is probably dangerous to his spine or hips to be doing this, but, like I said, he does this anyway regardless of whether or not I'm filming.  I think there may be a chance he's made of rubber.  Enjoy.
10/8/2009 20:46:07

wow! so my lab isn't the only one who can't catch a ball. good to know! very cute video!


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