My Head May Explode From Excitement - Labradoris

So,  I'm starting a doggie playgroup in my area.  I'm really excited!  I'm being a total GEEK about it, keeping perfectly-aligned notes in my notebook about the owners, their e-mail addresses, the names, ages, and breeds of their dogs.  Our first play-date is this Saturday and I am jazzed!  So far, I have
1 Great Dane
3 Golden Retrievers
1 Lab/basset mix
1 Alaskan husky
1 German Shephard and
2 Labradors
in the mix!  I love big dogs, and I think my head may explode when I get to pet and play with them all on Saturday.  If I don't update, then you'll know what happened.  I'm just warning you.  Labradoris, which is basically saying I love big dogs in general, is quite fatal.

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