...why are they still talking to the media? 

I'm not a celebrity follower.  I don't have cable television (I kid you not).  I don't subscribe to US Weekly or People magazine or read celebrity blogs. 

But somehow, somehow, I still know all the details of Jon & Kate's nasty divorce.  Why?  Because it is plastered all across every website (check that link out, it's CNN.com!), every magazine, every television screen within earshot in shopping centers. 

Jon and Kate, would you like some unsolicited advice?  Well, that's okay, because I'm going to give you some anyway:


No, I'm serious.  I'm so serious I'll say it in Spanish:

"¿Por qué no os calláis de una puta vez?"

Well, a dirtier version nonetheless. 

Unless you are money-grubbing fame-whores, *clears throat*, you don't need to be doing this.  Do you know we have a term for this?  It's called airing your dirty laundry, and you are doing on a national level.  Take your mess and go home.

And if anyone likes to watch/follow Jon & Kate, sorry if I offended, but really.  Why do we need such trash?  WHY ARE THEY STILL TALKING?  Probably because someone is still listening...

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