The other day I mentioned Nylabones.  I've gone through many, many dog chew toys over the last two years, and the only product Cosette has not been able to chew through within five minutes have been Nylabone.  Kongs work as long as what I stuff in that day doesn't get in the nooks and crannies, because if she becomes bored, she'll start to put the smallest corner in her mouth and go to town.  Soon, I have half a Kong left. 
Cosette loves the ring but we've also bought the double action chew.  I'm not a product spokesperson, all I can tell you are my experiences with this product.  Cosette is a powerful, determined chewer.  She only chews on her toys, but boy howdy, does she ever chew.  I buy about one of these products about 1-2 months, and in any room you might find several.  In fact, there is one sitting behind my chair currently.  She loves to gather them all up and bring them in to wherever we are at most duing the day.  I'm not thrilled with how easily she chews through them, but it does take her a few weeks and she spends a lot of time doing it.  At least there is no fluffing, no squeakers, and no dead fluffy animals with their poofy innards strewn about at the end.  Whenever I take her to the boarding kennel I try and bring one of her toys.  The vet staff always laughs because I guess she flings it around and carries it around with her all the time, which must be highly amusing.  They always have to go searching for it when I arrive to pick her up. 
She doesn't chew on furniture or carpet or walls or whatever else Labs are "known" for chewing on, so I think that $15 once a month is money well spent on something she uses every single day.  Be careful if  you toss them around in your house, or if your dog tosses them around while playing.  If they catch you at the right angle, they can produce quite a wallop.  Blap!
Also, it sucks to step on them at any time in the day, but especially in the early morning.  Whenever I step on them accidentally, the image flashes through my mind of hurling the toy against the wall - but in doing so, the toy would probably have a high likelihood of ricocheting just so against the wall, flying back towards my face, and knocking me unconscious onto the bed.  BLAP!

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