Anyone want to take a gander at where I've been the past week?  Come on, guess.  Where else might you hear the bartender say upon hearing your order, "For here or to go?"

Oh, that's right, Nawlins!  I took it easy in The Big Easy all last week, and what a fun time I had.  Visits to Bourbon Street, the Garden District, the park, the aquarium, the riverfront, you name it, I went.  Had fun times and great food, but most of all, I'm glad to be back home where I cuddle with my dogs, return to my goals, and nestle down to work.  Conferences always re-energize me by connecting me more strongly to my field, ensuring a straight focus on my priorities; whenever I return home, I'm eager to get to work, fresh with new possibilities and ideas.

Here's to ideas and working hard.  Cheers.

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