This past weekend I traveled to visit Cosette's breeder.  Cosette's older sister, Lacy, was bred last fall and she delivered about 4.5 weeks ago. 

Two male chocolates, one female chocolate, two male blacks, one female black.  Lacy is yellow and the sire is chocolate.

The photo below is the little Lab we have earmarked for us.  He's a deep, rich chocolate color and was very mellow as I held him.  The puppies just started walking and opening their eyes a few short weeks ago, so it's hard to tell their personalities as of yet, but he was laid back compared with some of his litter mates.

This is puppy climbing through his litter mates to lie down and take a nap.  He's the only one standing.  :)

Here is puppy and I.  He was so cute and just snuggled right up into me and fell asleep after a while.  So precious!!

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