We decided to take advantage of the day and take the dogs out hiking this afternoon.  Unfortunately, everyone and their brother decided the same thing (sans dogs).  A secluded hiking area we normally frequent was packed!  We decided instead to pull off the side of the road and play fetch in a field.  It was very leisurely and we had a nice time stretching out onto the grass with nothing but sunshine and warm air around us. 

Later, some Frisbee enthusiasts joined us in the field, and although the dogs were especially interested in chasing their Frisbee, we managed to keep them by us.  They did a very good job at minding.

Tonight we are  headed to a middle eastern dance celebration that my friend is involved in.  Should be quite the show.  As a student even, I paid $8 for pre-tickets so I'm expecting a lot!  I love dance.

Off to Florida next week, so don't expect too much in the way of posting...

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