Splish Splash! - Labradoris
Yesterday it rained in the afternoon, so I decided to bring the dogs outside to enjoy the slightly cooler temperatures with a good game of fetch.  After nearly an hour of retrieving, Trooper decided he was hot and done.  He walked over to a puddle in the yard and laid down and splashed around in it.  He couldn't be convinced to get up and play fetch anymore.  That's when I decided to grab the camera.  So, may I present:  Splish Splash!
5/28/2010 12:51:21


Labs and their puddles! lucky pups.
I'm OK until they start to drink it
-in particular if it is a 'strange" puddle.
(unknown heritage)
We have kept the little blue doggy pool 1/2 full of water (no dog- as you know) but the cat drinks out of it and the birds swoop in periodically. Plus it makes me feel good.
Toronto got ZERO rain yesterday, and while it was so hot ( a 1944 record) humidity was minimal.
I am grateful for the small goodness 's (!?!?!) in life.


We may get a call in the next 2 weeks for us take a new pup. Puppies are a handful.............there has not yet been full family agreement yet. THIS IS TOUGH.

Trooper and Cosette are awesome
good job.


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