We are lying down, relishing the lazy Sunday morning.  LG volunteered to massage my back, so he asks me to lift my tank top up towards my shoulders.  He gives a few quick strokes and then starts paddling a plastic sword against my back.  He grows bored and holds still.  "You're hot," he observes.  "I am?"

"Yes," he says, and wiggles out of his shirt off and folds himself against my back.  "I like laying against people who are warm."  I grin at Joel and say, "Well, me too."  He flips over on his back and says, "Now we are laying back to back.  I want to lay belly to belly."  He lifts his 5-year-old self off of me and tries to move my shoulders.  "Turn over!  I want to put my belly on yours."  I grin but oblige, and flip over onto my back.  I pull my tank top up a little so my belly is exposed.  He lifts my tank top up higher and tries to lift it off of me.  "No, I want to keep my shirt on."  He frowns and says, "But I want to lay boobies to boobies."

I start laughing and say, "But you don't have boobies!"  He points to his little nipples and says, "I have little ones!  But you have big ones."  Surprised at his recent fascination with breasts, I try to change the subject and pull my shirt down tight.  He instead just lays down on me, resting his belly against my clothed belly and putting his head on my chest.  "I like it here," he says, lazily closing his eyes. 

I look over at Joel and he mouths, "I like it there, too."

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