I was having a discussion with Little Guy (LG) yesterday.  He and I had gone to the police station while Joel was in a late afternoon meeting.  We went to the police station so I could get the city licenses for the dogs (they have to be on record in case they ever get lost), and LG was THRILLED to see all the police cars.  While I was waiting at the window filling out paperwork, he was clinging to my leg and looking wide-eyed all around the station.  I held him up so he could look in the receptionist area and he was so impressed.  I was like, yes, look at all the police paperwork!  Haha.  There was just a lady helping me, surrounded by filing cabinets, so it wasn't impressive but he was in awe.  Then we got to see a real policeman walk in with someone from the Army, and the army guy stood behind us in line and the policeman went through a security door into the back.  LG was looking up at the army guy, wide-eyed, and I said, "Are you scared, little guy?"  And he shook his head no and whispered, "I LOVE policemen.  And firetrucks.  And doctors.  And army people."  I said, "Yes, they help protect us, don't they?" and he nodded and smiled up at the army guy.  Then the policeman emerged from the back and walked out of the station, and LG stared after him and was SO IMPRESSED that we were there getting to see the policemen in their uniforms.  It just made his day.  That's all that he could talk about when he saw Joel.  Then, we were sitting around and LG was on my lap and telling me how much he liked policemen and firetrucks.  I said that my daddy was a fireman (kinda) and his eyes got really big and he goes, "I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!!  Your daddy's a FIREMAN??"  I told him how my father helps fight fires and teaches other people how to fight them, and he said that was "SO COOL."  He then excitedly said, "And what does your mom do?  Is she a firefighter too?"  I said, "No, she stayed at home and took care of my sister and I when we were growing up."  And he thought for a second and then said, "Well, she needs to be something.  She can either be a firefighter, a policeman, or a doctor.  Which one will she be?"  And I said, "Well, I guess she'll be a policewoman!"  And he said, "Okay.  Tell her that."

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