The Perils of a Broken Foot - Labradoris

This was taken in late April, 2008.  Almost a year ago, Joel dramatically broke his foot running a long-distance race - an 8 person, 80 mile run.  He was forced off the road by a driver of an extended-mirror truck who went barreling down the old country road that the race was being run on.  Joel decided to dive into a ditch rather than take a side mirror to the face, and when he landed in the ditch, his foot broke.  He got back up, and continued to run on it for a mile and a half to finish his leg of the relay.  Once the swelling went down over the next few days, it was painfully apparent that he had broken bones.  X-rays confirmed those suspicions.  He spent the next 8 weeks in this ugly, heavy boot.  Needless to say his running (and mine, as his running buddy) took a backseat.

We've signed up for 5k Fun Run in a month at a conference, and I am NOT looking forward to this event.  I'm struggling to keep up motivation after just a mile.  I've got to hit the pavement quite a bit over the next few weeks in order to manage to make it through a 5k.  I'm all, is it okay that I look like Homer Simpson running right now?  Huff, puff, huff, puff. 

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