We were all outside yesterday evening in the front yard playing around with the dogs.  Cosette was putting up with LG's feeble attempts at retrieving with her.  He managed to throw the toy about ten feet, to which she'd gamely go and retrieve and bring it back obediently.  At one point she walked up to him, and he noticed her tongue panting fiercely in the warm summer air.  He held his hand up to her mouth in front of her tongue, spun around to me and exclaimed excitedly, "Her breath is hot!  It's the opposite of air conditioning!  It's like hotditioning!"
I laughed, and told him to explain it to his Daddy.  Daddy was very confused for a minuted until I pronounced the made-up word for him.  LG went on to explain, "It's like you could use it to heat a house up with!  Hotditioning!"
Me:  "You mean a heater?"
LG, eyes glowing brightly, "Yeah!!  Hotditioning!"

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