Toronto Activities - Labradoris
A very quick synopsis of our Toronto activities:

Day 1 in Toronto:  Selecting a Thai restaurant from Chinatown that wasn't breaking health code, and rescuing Little Guy from a near drown.

Day 2 in Toronto:  Riding almost all the coasters at Wonderland Canada, including Canada's tallest (the Behemoth, hoo baby!), and then eating great Greek food for dinner.

Day 3 in Toronto:  Doing what I came here to do (presentation at national conference), meeting up with my co-author from my masters cohort and his roommate for lunch, visiting the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) where we were able to see them setting up for a special event (looked like a gorgeous wedding) where I wanted to stay and eat their food and take pictures, then back to downtown for dinner with the guys at Pier 4, a fantastic seafood restaurant.

Day 4 in Toronto:  Taking the ferry to Centre Island and spending the day.  First, buying an all-day pass for the kid-oriented amusement park, riding every ride but the Ferris wheel.  Walking to the bike rental shop, and after a lengthy discussion over the cash only policies, deciding on a three-seater quadricycle.  Riding the quadricycle around the small island (about an hour and a half jaunt), dropping the cycle back off, then walking back to the rides and re-visiting the pony rides, the mini-coaster, and the dizzying barrel ride.  Managing to secure a ride on the ferry, and walking back through downtown to a great Indian restaurant.  Returning just in time to  the hotel to miss the enormous thunderstorms that would end up delaying all of our colleagues' flights that evening. 

Day 5 in Toronto:  Waking up way too early, in a mad rush to the airport, finding a line a mile and half long to drop off the luggage, rushing through border patrol, rushing through customs, rushing through security, arriving at our gate just in time to see...our flight delayed an hour.

But, we made it home safely and Little Guy was a great little traveler.  Pictures and  video of our adventures to follow this week. 

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