I haven't disappeared anywhere.  I haven't gone anywhere cool.

I am just writing my dissertation, and desperately spreading my survey link around to working professionals.  Data collection needs to happen fast - and my writing has to be even faster.  It's a good thing I know how to type correctly!

Did you know the best way to learn how to type correctly (i.e., not looking at the keys) is to work on a computer typing program and cover your hands with a towel?  Yep!  I'm very thankful that my elementary schools knew to do this.  We'd spend 45 minutes every day on our little computers with towels over our hands.  I quickly became proficient and I've never been so thankful.  It's a hard skill to learn, and I know a lot of people who hunt and peck - or at least look at their hands when they type. 

Did anyone else learn a different way?
5/22/2010 01:39:05 pm

I found your website last week.
A lab lover-and without a lab-for now.
I was trying to get my fill of lab photos to sustain me.
We just returned our 3rd lab for training. We foster future service dogs. Am not sure i can do it again.
The love and loss ...........for me THAT is fatal.
re; keyboarding- I peck and paws ooops! ....pause. so slow.
was enthralled with your description of working towards your PhD. helped me to understand the focus of my eldest son's goals. also his periodic isolation.
good luck in your dissertation,

keep those photos coming.


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