Trooper experienced explosive diarrhea early this morning. 

I say explosive, because this diarrhea, and the accompanying smell, was pervasive and all over the place.  I woke up to Trooper's whines and as soon as I emerged from my bedroom, I could smell it.  I took a moment to go to the bathroom on my way to the dog room (guest bedroom).  When I arrived, I opened the door and saw loose runny feces dripping down and out of his crate walls.  Trooper is sleeping in a crate that is designed for use on airplanes (the hard plastic shell, not the wire crate that I use in my home office for him), and somehow he managed to put his butt against the walls of the crate and take a standing shit.  I peered in at him, wiggling in the crate, poop dripping off the walls and the front gate like some horror film.  I decided to drag the entire crate with Trooper inside out to the front lawn for a good hose off. 

I released him from the crate and he immediately sped off into the far corner of the yard and unleashed holy hell from his bowels.  I cleaned his crate, sprayed it down with Simple Green, and then turned the spray nozzle off of 'jet' and onto 'shower' and gave Troops a big rinse off.  He was disgusting -- brown goo all the way up to his elbows, poor little guy.  I left his crate out to dry while we took the dogs on a very long walk.

I abstained from feeding him this morning, in hopes to give his stomach a chance to settle down.  If I return home for lunch and his crate is relatively clean, I will feed him about a half a cup of food and see how that works out.  Luckily he is not vomiting, but the diarrhea is a little concerning.  It's been over a week since his last round of shots, and he didn't eat anything unusual yesterday, so the alternatives are a little worrying.  But, I'll try not to fret too much and just hope he feels better by tomorrow.  If he's still having loose stool (and I do mean loose!) in the morning, I'll probably take a trip to the vet's office so we can get this resolved. 

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