I took Trooper to the park/lake today to do some work out in an open field.  We worked primarily on heeling and long stays.  It was blustery and windy, so there was no one accompanying us at the park - save for a drunk group of people that showed up, posed for pictures, and then got back in their vehicles (weird).

Trooper did well, but I wasn't really in the mood to give him my full attention, so after about thirty minutes I unleashed him and spent some time water retrieving.  He had been acting squirrely yesterday after being cooped up all weekend long, so I thought he needed a bit of a release.  I worked him hard and he came home and willingly climbed in his crate to rest. 

I didn't take Cosette, primarily because I wanted to work on training with Trooper and that's near impossible to do if I'm trying to keep my eye on another dog.  Cosette is becoming more content to lie around without having to work too hard - Trooper, however, is still in that big puppy phase where he needs some hard-core exercise often.  They both retrieve every day and I spend time working with each of them, but I devote more time to Trooper right now.  Cosette for the most part knows how to behave herself.


drunk people ................got back in their vehicles? YIKES!

being outside is good. very good.


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