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Can't wait to have some time to go out hiking.  It's the semester crunch time for the next two weeks.  For now, though, I'll continue to reminisce from past hiking trips.


Taken 3/8/09 at a local hiking trail.


We woke up this morning and decided to go for a hike (what a surprise!).  I went down a road I've never turned down before, and we discovered a new trail.  There was a nicely sized creek by a nearby lake, so we played for a while there.
I'd just like to say that in the first video, I did not intend to throw the stick up on the rocks so that Cosette would slam into the bank.  It's painful to watch!  It looks like she actually took the rock in the throat.  It stuns her for a moment but then she's back up on the bank, so everything's okay.  She had fun.  We did this for a good 30 minutes, just walking up and down this creek bed.


It's a pleasant, albeit windy, night tonight, and I thought I'd post a video for you.  No, wait, two videos! 

These were recorded on Tuesday when we went for a nice water retrieving and hiking session.


I've done absolutely no editing to this photo.  Look how it whited up at the top naturally - that's how cold looking the sky was yesterday.
And of course miss Cosette is down there at the bottom doing her thing.


Cosette was driving me bonkers this morning.  I can't blame her too much, as she's got a good case of cabin fever.  It's as if some portion of her brain becomes overloaded and her synapses just start neurotically twitching, and screaming, "MUST JUMP AROUND AND ACT LIKE A LUNATIC" which then is transmitted to her back, her head, her paws, you get the drift.  Basically she's a whirlwind of black and energy if she has not been out for a good afternoon of activity. 

After I emerged from work, I determined it was HIGH TIME to get out of the building and get out to a trail.  The wind had calmed down, and although it was cold enough to still freeze nipples off, it was pleasant enough to venture out.

Quiz:  Can you spot the 5-year old?


Taken August, 2007.


Taken July 2008.


Taken July 4th weekend, 2008.


Cosette showing off some awesome moves, Jan 2008.