This is something I wrote November 17, 2007, a full year before we adopted Landy.

Dear Cosette,

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I love that you are my hiking buddy, always ready for a new trail. I know we'll always make it to the top, no matter how steep the incline. I like that you stay within 30 feet of me on the trail, and make sure to stop and look back to make sure I'm okay. I don't know how you know this, but you whine when I'm lost.
I wanted to also tell you I like the sound your tail makes when you are sitting in front of me. The little "swoosh swoosh swoosh" of your tail against the carpet makes me smile.

Thank you for putting your head in my lap for a nice ear scratch. I like the way your coat feels, so this is of benefit to both parties.

Thank you for not tearing apart my kitchen, chewing inappropriately, or otherwise destroying my property when I am at school for long hours. I miss you too. I'm really happy when I come home and you are there to greet me, and the only thing I see different is the level in your water bowl.

I like the sucking sound you make on your kong toys (you know, the kind I stuff with tasty food morsels). I find this funny.

Thanks for running with me. You're a good running companion!

I think it's hilarious when you snort. You know, when you really dig your schnoz into something that smells really good (dirty laundry, the carpet, the grass) and go SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. You also make a sound in your throat when you look above you and try and smell something. It sounds like someone clearing their throat, which is a little weird, but funny nonetheless.

I very much appreciate your companionship while I take my shower. I like opening the shower door and seeing you on the rug, waiting for me to get out. You're just too cute.

I like watching you lunge off docks and lakesides, intent on your training tool. You're a good swimmer and I admire how you somehow know where the training tool is, even if you've lost sight of it.

Thanks for being an excellent learner and teacher as we both trained each other in our first obedience class. More to come!

Just a few things, though.

If, for whatever reason, I have clothes on the floor, that's not an open invitation to claim an item as your own. This also means that when I am halfway done packing, you shouldn't see an open suitcase as an invitation to climb on in. Your packing skills do not amuse me. Your expression, though, when I catch you IN my suitcase, amuses me.

Quit eating my knee-high hose. You make me worry about intestinal blockages until I see it emerge a few days later, and I'm getting tired of buying hose.

Would you please quit following me into the bathroom? I even try and close the door, but you nose it open and barge in. Come on in.

I love the fact that you know to be quiet and go to sleep when I do -- and I love it even more that you know what I mean when I say, "Let's go to bed," and you go to your bed on the floor and I go to mine. I even like it when you wake me up at my scheduled wake-up time. To slide my hand out from underneath the warm covers into the chilly air is unpleasant, but I like when my hand finds your warm fur. But please. If it is before 5 a.m., please don't wake me. This 4:30 a.m. stuff that's been going on for the past few days needs to end, please.

But other than that, I like having you around. I admit that I miss you when you aren't around me!

I think you already know this, but my two favorite times with you are when you are sleeping or chewing on your toys right at my feet when I work at home, and on our nightly walks. I love the fact that I can put both hands in my pockets and not worry about you pulling on the leash, but knowing that you are right by my side without looking down. I like wandering the dark, quiet streets with you. Thanks for being my dog.


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