Here is a video of our evening backyard playtime.  I don't have the dogs seriously retrieve generally when we are in the backyard, which is why you can see Trooper's lackadaisical attitude towards the toy.  Cosette is serious about it no matter the time of day or type of toy.  I swear I can hear them arguing:
Trooper:  "I got it, I got it hahahha HA HA!"
Cosette:  "Give that back!  Give it here.  Okay, now you are distracted so I will SNEAK IN and GET IT!  Ha!  Here, owner!!"
Trooper:  "Oh, there it goes again.  Yay, I got it. Ha."
Cosette:  "GRR!  Give it back.  She has to throw it again.  GIVE IT BACK!  Don't you understand how this WORKS?"

And the big brown patch I'm standing on during the video is due to a very large branch (VERY LARGE) falling down during the recent storm.  The grass is only beginning to grow back.

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