This was a good day.
A six-year-old should probably be gearing up towards being off the training wheels, but well, let's just say he doesn't get an opportunity to practice often - unless he's with us.  So, Joel bought him a brand new bike since his other bike stays at his mom's house.  We outfitted him with a helmet, and then we went for a nice long bike ride.  I think I counted five crashes, but it was more overconfidence and fast turns rather than balancing on the bike.
His little khaki pants just kill me.
4/15/2010 04:31:16 am

Just found you via Dooce--loved the name Labradoris! If if makes you feel any better, my 7-year-old son still hasn't mastered bike riding sans training wheels. I took them off now, though, so he has no choice! ;)


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