Oh yes, that's me, dressed up as the infamous Great Dane.  ;)    I was a total ham for the kids (and adult fans). 
And of course that's Little Guy next to me, utilizing his Star Wars Clone Trooper costume for the second year in a row.  He's just a little obsessed.
He grew tired of hearing "Scooby Doo!  Scooby Doo!" being yelled at me after a while since he wasn't getting as much attention.  We explained that while his costume was cool, we did try and do a family costume but he would have none of it.  So we would have brought more attention upon ourselves had he played Scrappy or Fred or something, but he didn't want to.  I wasn't trying to steal his thunder (and I wasn't trick-or-treating, just walking along with him and Joel) but nonetheless it happened.
And yes, it is hard to navigate in a gigantic costume like that.  ;)
11/8/2010 06:14:41 am

uh oh
LG was not happy
but since my last pup was "Scooby"
I'll have to be on your side.

I am trying to avoid looking at all the Christmas stuff in the stores.

better yet

I'll not shop at all.

11/19/2010 04:00:53 pm

has amazing possibilities. Not only is there a central huge screen but also two large monitors/TVs that any presentation can be delivered on. So, though the room isn't all that large (seating for 100 maybe?), no matter where you're sitting, you can see what's on screen. And, the audio system is amazing, so there's no chance that you're

9/30/2012 02:29:14 am

I've seen that costume around. It looks more like scrappy to be a scooby costume, but it'd look too much like scooby to be a scrappy costume, it kinda meets in the middle with the fur color and the tongue sticking out with scrappy's posture.


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