Dear Little Guy,

Happy 5th Birthday!  Even though you entered my life only a short while ago, I feel as if I know you very well.  I just wanted to let you know how extraordinarily special we think you are.  You keep us smiling, and you draw us closer together.  Your favorite thing to do right now is play Legos, Transformers, go hiking with us, pester the dog, and have books read to you.  And, movies.  You love watching movies.  If you could play legos, watch a movie, pester the dog, AND hike all at the same time, you would be in 5-year-old heaven.

Your skills at eating and not complaining about what is set in front of you never ceases to amaze me.  You are willing to try most anything, and hey, it's fair if you don't like something.  For instance, tonight you resisted a little bit when we asked you to try the restaurant's dumplins.  As soon as you tasted a bite though, a smile spread across your face and you couldn't get enough.  And, oh, your smile.  Oh, your smile.  That smile of yours is going to win over so many people in your life.  You use it when you are being coy, but my favorite smile from you is when it is genuine.  A big smile will light up your entire face when you realize you have made someone laugh.  You also have the cutest giggle.  I love tickling you and hearing your joyful giggles and seeing your adorable smiles.  

Tonight we celebrated your birthday with cake and presents.  Just the four of us, Cosette included, enjoying cake having a pow-wow on the floor together (well, Cosette abstained from the cake).  I had a massive headache, unfortunately, so after we had eaten our share of cake, I crawled back to my comfy spot on the couch and curled up to watch you and Daddy play Legos.  You were building a pirate ship, and you took interest in the instructions but ultimately decided to just build the pirate ship yourself.  And you know what?  It turned out pretty good.  Sure, there were extra pieces leftover, but I thought your ship was more creative.  

But what I wanted to tell you was the feeling that came over me.  Maybe it was the headache.  Maybe it was the sugar rush.  As I laid there watching your small hands picking up even smaller pieces and manipulating them confidently, watched you interacting with Daddy, and saw Cosette nestled among us, her family all in place -- I was overcome with such a feeling of fulfilled happiness.  I don't think it was sugar or delusions from the headache.  It was love.

You bring us joy and so much love.


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