Angie Arthur's post today about her kids ending arguments with, "Well, you're a big, old, fat eyeball!" reminded me about Little Guy's comeback for the past six months.

Upon entering into any exchange with him for the past HALF OF A YEAR we have known that LG's ending statement will be, "On your head!"  Except it's more pronounced, like, "On your HEAD!"  As in, conversations will go something like this, "LG, it's time to take a bath."  "I'll take a bath...on your HEAD!"

After saying this, he erupts into fits of giggles despite the fact that no one else is laughing with him.

We just don't get it.  I'm not sure what's so funny about it.  And sometimes it won't even make as much sense as that.  Here are some examples:

"Would you like some water?"
"Yes...on your HEAD!"

"Come on, let's put some sunscreen on."
"On your HEAD!"

"And which Transformer is that?"
"The one that is yellow and black and he's a bumblebee and on your HEAD!"

"Well, it's about 20 more miles, so maybe about another 15 minutes."
"On your HEAD!"

Actually, just thinking about it makes me realize it is...kinda...funny.  Except it's not funny, for example, when the server is standing at your table, the restaurant is busy, and the query for either chicken fingers or a hamburger ends with, "On your HEAD!"  Obviously then the waitstaff just cocks their head, confused, and we have to say, "We don't know either.  He'll have the chicken fingers," and a little voice will pipe up, "On your HEAD!"

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