Right around this time of the year I always want to clean out.  I believe it may be the opposite of spring cleaning. 

I have an urge to throw open all my windows and doors, shake out the rugs, air out the house, clean everything, and sort through things; then, lock everything back up, nestle in, get warm and cozy, and enjoy the winter. 

I love my surroundings to be clean.  The problem is, often I have no inclination to clean up after us most days.  But, the past week was different:  we all pitched in and cleaned the house, LG included.  Room by room, we vacuumed, scrubbed, sorted, cleaned, organized, re-folded, and tucked away.  The house feels so much cleaner, but the nesting instinct that seems to fire for me right now is still yelling loudly at me.  Clean more!  Throw out more!  Donate!  Do it!  It's highly distracting because I want to work hard on various work projects, but the urge to clean is deep-seated and tempting.  So, in order to reward myself for working with little breaks, I allow myself to do a little cleaning in between my projects.

After all this, at least my house is clean.  =)

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