My breeder (or, Cosette's breeder) e-mailed me yesterday to inform me that she has a new batch of puppies!  Lacy (Cosette's older sister) had 5 black (1 female) and 3 chocolate (1 female).
In October when we last visited, she didn't have a male lined up for Lacy to breed with.  But, obviously that was taken care of, as here are the puppies!  No pictures yet, but hopefully coming soon.

Lacy is a yellow Lab, so I'm a little surprised she had no yellow pups.  But, they must have bred her with a black or chocolate to get that color combination right.  If I remember my lab genes correctly, it was probably a black male with recessive chocolate (as Lacy's mother is chocolate and father is black).  But, I could be wrong and that's why I'm not a breeder...only a Lab lover.  :)

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