So, hello life!  I forget what you are like sometimes in graduate school!

Where did October go, seriously?

I worked hard on my pre-dissertation paper and submitted it to my committee, and prepared for the Halloween party (o! glorious halloween party!).

Then, all of a sudden, November is here.  Cold days, warm days, cold days, Florida, grant writing for my dissertation, and then suddenly it is the day before Thanksgiving!


Where does time go?  It disappears so quickly!

So, a quote from LG some time ago, just in time for yummy Thanksgiving!

LG:  "I want to go to Grandma's house and shoot her.  And then have roasted chicken."
Me:  "LG!  That's kinda mean, don't you think?  Also, if you shoot her, how would she cook the roasted chicken?"
LG:  "Well, Grandma's going to be the roasted chicken."

I think he may be well on the way to writing scripts like The Shining and The Sixth Sense.  Holy cow!

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