Last night after Joel and I arrived home from our wine lesson #2 - more on that later - we were both feeling hungry.  Since Joel had to grade a stack of homework, I ordered an appetizer from Applebee's and went to pick it up.  Normally, they have a carside-to-go service, but since it was after nine, I was informed that I needed to come to the bar to pick the food up.
I have a question.  Do I tip?  I feel very strange tipping, but am racked with guilt if I ignore the 'tip' line and just carry down the previous total to the final line.  Especially if the employee is standing there; I feel like I need to write down something.
With the carside service, I at least feel a small desire to tip a meager amount, but last night since I had to park my car, turn off my engine, walk inside, wait at the bar, and finally get my food, I had less of a desire to tip.  It's not that I'm lazy.  I'm really not.  I didn't mind walking in.  But to me, the server didn't do anything above and beyond that would require a service tip.  The kitchen staff bagged the food, she carried it to the bar.  Does that deserve a tip?  I don't personally think so, but I still gave her one to get rid of my guilt and because she was standing there.  Fear of being judged, I suppose.
Why?  Why must they include the tip line for pick-up orders?  It torments me.  I wonder what the employee thinks of me as I walk away.  Are they glaring in hate at my back, or non-emotional, or happy that I even gave them a nod towards service?  STOP IT.  STOP TORMENTING ME!

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