Yak or Manatee? BOTH. - Labradoris

My god, from the sounds that Trooper is making you'd think someone was either ripping out his soul or pulling out his toenails one by one.  I'm not sure which.  It's a mix between a yak falling down a mountain, and a manatee mating call.  I mean, seriously.  Aruu woo woo ruuuuuu. 

Ah, tis the life of crate-training a puppy.  He's okay if Cosette is in the larger wire crate with him, and he's okay if he's alone in the house (with Cosette in the same room), but if he knows I am here, all hell breaks loose from his vocal cords. 

This week we have to board them at the vet's kennel, which is going to throw such a monkey wrench into my crate-training house-breaking plans.  We will be gone Tues-Sun out of state and have no choice but to board them.  Cosette will be fine, she's stayed there about 10 times without incident.  It's the little one I'm worried about.  And I don't fear for his safety (in fact, not at all), it's that I fear all the bad habits they will most likely instill in him.  Since he is a puppy, he has to be kept away from all the other dogs because he doesn't have the immunity they do yet.  This means that he and Cosette will be boarded separately, which means that the vet's office is in for quite the manatee mating call/yak falling down a mountainside.  And they of course will smother him with attention any time he howls, which only reinforces the bad behavior.  Whatever good I've done over the past week and a half will be undone within a day at the kennel.  Cosette always comes back with bad leash habits, even though I insist they use her pinch collar.  Instead, they tuck it away in a drawer and let her be clipped to little nylon collars and leads for her walks.  She is a Lab, she will pull.  Especially when they are afraid to give her punishment for not heeling.  So, for about 4 or 5 days, Cosette always comes back a little rambunctious on the lead which annoys me to no end.  I expect Trooper will be even worse, especially when it comes to howling and puppy barking. 

Watch out, vet's office.  I'm bringing you a manatee today.

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