Joel and I were driving down the main drag of the town a few months ago, and a big, pimped-out Ram truck pulled in front of us at the stoplight.  We sat there silently for a few moments, observing the massive amount of space it was taking up.  Suddenly Joel spoke up, "That's quite a truck. I can just see the guy at the dealer now: 'Excuse me, do you have anything more hick?'"
I laughed, and Joel continued, "And then the dealer says, 'Why, yes, sir, but we're out of the hick-deluxe model. We'll have to special order it.' "
I laughed and agreed.  Then Joel cocked his head and said through a smirk, "And then I bet he was like, 'When I rev my engine, will it play a Toby Keith song?'"

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